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C3FIELD's Modules and reporting make all tasks easy to access and execute. It's time to equip your multiskilled field workers with the necessary productivity tools to operate at their best.
  • Work smart & intelligent
  • No Location boundary
  • Report ready


In Pharmaceuticals, complete Automation of all tasks is a major key factor in creating a win-a-win situation for success in the field. With C3FIELD's wide range of features, the Medical representatives and their managers are empowered to perform their jobs better. A few customers who are singing success stories along us Nalis Pharmaceuticals, Tyonex Nigeria
  • Attendance Management
  • Daily Task Creation and Approval
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Route Optimization
  • Visit history and Joint Visits
  • Client-oriented Order Management System
  • Sample Distribution and Lead Nurturing
  • Product Catalog
  • Mobile App for Representatives and Web app(Dashboard) for Managers
  • Sales Statement
  • Representatives Expense processing
  • Customization Support
  • Facial Attendance System
  • Client Nurturing
  • Order Management system
  • Daily Task Creation and Approval / Employee Productivity
  • Live Reporting and Real-time monitoring
  • Field Tracking
  • Visit history
  • Expense Management Module
  • Product Catalog
  • Mobile App for Representatives and Web app(Dashboard) for Managers


C3FIELD plays a major role in meeting work and expectations at all levels in Sales. A proficient sales team in FMCG ensures positive customer experiences, which is a superior outcome of effective automated sales management through Field Force management solutions. It helps accelerate work without location or on-desk dependency. Our big users are Vinod Cookware dealing in Non-electric Kitchen Appliance, See Lube Technologies dealing in Industrial Oils.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturers and Distributors frequently encounter challenges in their daily operations. With C3FIELD, Manufacturers and distributors quickly reach that degree of visibility and efficiency. It facilitates the transition from paper to digital and provides real-time analytics and data to enhance decision-making. Its deployment empowers the field force which plays a key role in driving the relationship with the distributors and customers (retailers). Multiproof Industries, Manufacturers of Construction items like Waterproofing, and putty have been successfully using C3FIELD. The Aluminium Traders who manufacture aluminum sheets are also utilizing C3FIELD for their Fieldforce.
  • Attendance System
  • Order Management system
  • Task management
  • Visit Management
  • Route Planning
  • Product-Catalog
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Shipment & dispatch Orders
  • Expense processing
  • Mobile App for Field Force and Web app (Dashboard) for Managers


  • Daily Attendance and Task Management
  • Live Collaboration and Visit Management
  • Customer Record Maintenence
  • Expense Processing
  • Mobile App & Web App


C3FIELD offers an efficient and effective comprehensive toolkit, which is designed to address the specific needs of NGOs. It is a Lite version, which will promote productivity along with transparency.


All the businesses providing on-field services, are trusting C3FIELD for their Field Services. C3FIELD enables efficient on-field force management solutions for all digital start-ups providing services like Landscaping, Gardening, kids products, beauty services etc.
  • Attendance Management
  • Customer Record Maintenance
  • Work Order Management
  • Product Catalog
  • Visit Management
  • Expense Processing
  • Daily km calculation
  • Stock & Warehouse management
  • Mobile App for field force and Web app (Dashboard) for Managers